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Pillar Resources

Pillar presentation: Making Precision Medicine Accessible with SLIMamp®: Robust, Rapid, Single-Tube Multiplex NGS Panels

Presented by Dr. Martin Zillmann, Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Research and Development at Pillar Biosciences at The Association for Biomolecular Research Facilities (ABRF) 2019 Annual Meeting

Dr. Zillmann presented data demonstrating the performance of Pillar’s key proprietary NGS technologies, including SLIMamp® chemistry, ampPD™ primer design software, and PiVAT® bioinformatics pipeline software. Dr. Zillmann also presented data from de-identified clinical samples demonstrating high sensitivity for the detection of low allele frequency mutations from low DNA inputs.

Pillar’s robust amplicon-based workflow is simple and robust. SLIMamp enables library preparation via tiled (overlapping) amplicons in a single-tube. SLIMamp and PiVAT allow for accurate detection even from poor-quality FFPE samples. Pillar’s capabilities were highlighted by a case study detailing an Ivy league-affiliated cancer institution’s use of multiple custom and standard pillar NGS panels.

Pillar poster: ampPD – An Automated Primer Design Tool for Highly Multiplexed, Single-tube Tiled Amplicon PCR for Resequencing of Tumor Samples

Presented by Pillar scientists at ABRF 2019

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PCR-based target enrichment is widely used to prepare libraries for next generation sequencing (NGS). Amplicon tiling is often used for assay design but can result in amplicon overlap that reduces assay sensitivity. Pillar Biosciences’ SLIMamp® enrichment technology enables efficient amplicon tiling even with overlapping amplicons. Here, we present an automated primer design tool (ampPD) for amplicon tiling and evaluate the performance of an assay designed against the TP53 tumor suppressor gene. Download the poster to see the data from this poster.