Pillar Biosciences Presents:
Single-vial amplification-based NGS to interrogate variants in tumors with limited diagnostic material

A workshop presented on October 31, 2018
during Corporate Workshop Day at the
2018 Association for Molecular Pathology (AMP) Annual Meeting

Talk details

In her talk, Dr. Fernandes reviews the assays that her group at Columbia currently use and their rationale for including a customized gene panel. Dr. Fernandes then presents an overview of Pillar’s SLIMamp™ technology, the ONCO/Reveal Multi-Cancer Panel and the PIVAT Bioinformatics Analysis platform that her team used to test Pillar technology in their lab. Dr. Fernandes also presents performance data, specifically data on the accuracy, sensitivity and reproducibility of the validation assays. After sharing performance data on their custom Pillar panel, Dr. Fernandes shared that they will be submitting the assay for New York State approval by the end of the year.