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Custom next-generation sequencing (NGS) assays are the best way to hit all of your panel target requirements. Pillar® custom NGS panels combine content flexibility with robust enrichment chemistry, a single-day workflow and powerful bioinformatics to deliver deep genomics insights on your targets of interest. Design your Pillar assay today and get a custom NGS panel powered by a chemistry, workflow and software that improve your lab's ability to quickly call relevant mutations.

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SLIMamp® chemistry for single-tube amplification


Efficient library prep with a simple one-day workflow

Sime one-day workflow

Accurate mutation detection from FFPE samples

Pillar NGS assays are accurate, precise, repeatable and sensitive to near the limit of detection regardless of FFPE quality. In this figure, formalin-compromised reference standards were evaluated using the Pillar ONCO/Reveal™ Lung and Colon Cancer Panel, which demonstrated accurate results from degraded samples. N=10; error bars=standard deviation

Pillar custom NGS assay accuracy

Precision NGS with low DNA inputs

Pillar NGS conconrdance data

ONCO/Reveal assays are highly precise even with low DNA inputs, with high concordance (R2 >99%) between input amounts across a wide range of VAFs. In this figure, VAFs were detected by the ONCO/Reveal Lung and Colon Cancer Panel. Assays and analyses were performed at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center and presented at AMP 2016.